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What are the basic requirements for admission to Columbus University – COMHS?
Students are required to have completed 4 semesters of a Pre-Medical track. Please check our Pre-Med curriculum on-line. For more details please check the website.

How many seats are available at COMHS?
Currently we are accepting 100 students per semester.

Am I required to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)?
At the present time we do not require that you have taken the MCAT, but you must possess at least a GPA of 3.0 or higher (based on a 4.0 scale).

What is COMHS’s average GPA?
The average semester GPA for students at COMHS is 3.0.

Does COMHS offer any financial aid or work study positions?
Unfortunately at the current time we do not offer any work study programs, however we do offer financial aid. Please inquire via email any questions you may have concerning financial aid or a loan process (info@med.columbus.edu). We will be happy to work with you and assist in the loan process.

Does COMHS allow deferments?
If for any acceptable reason you choose to break your career path, we will consider re-enrollment

Does COMHS accept transfer students?
Yes, an explanation for transfer is needed for consideration into our institution.

How much is tuition? What is included in tuition?
Please see Admission’s section for information pertaining to tuition.

Must I have majored in a science as an undergraduate to be considered for application?
No, but you must have completed the pre-requisites for entry.

What is the time-line for admissions?
Again, please refer to our Admission’s section.

What is the professor to student ratio?
Although class sizes may vary per subject, our typical professor to student ratio is 1:50.

Does COMHS offer post-graduation programs to assist with finding a residency?
Depending on your performance, we will offer assistance in procuring residency.